The Smarter Way
to Study for your NCLEX® Exam

A question bank, flash cards and performance dashboard that all work together seamlessly to make sure you pass.

Question Bank

2,700+ challenging NCLEX® style questions developed by experienced nurse educators and practicing nurses.

12 Categories

Just like nursing school and the NCLEX® exam, these questions cover all question categories that you’ll find on the real exam.

Detailed Rationale

Understand the “why” behind each question and answer. Crucual for acing your NCLEX® exam.

Exam Customization

Easily create exams based on your study needs. Customize timing, question count, difficulty, question pool and much more!

Quiz Mode

Answer questions just like in the real exam. After completion you can review your questions and answers.

Practice Mode

As soon as you submit your response, you are given rationale and told if your answer is correct.

Alternate Format Questions

Including select-all-that-apply, hotspot items and ordered response items.

The Performance


Detailed results tracking that identify your weaknesses and measure your improvement to increase your test-day confidence.

Smart Tasks

Flornce tracks your performance and determines where you're struggling and what you should study next.

Unlimited Self Assessments

75 question self-assessments with an NCLEX® readiness predictor. Know your likelihood of passing, immediately after the assessment.

Category Grades and Feedback

With detailed results across all categories, you’ll know exactly where to spend your study time to make your weak areas stronger.

Overall Grade and Global Rank

Know where you stand — compare with peers to gauge your performance.

Online Guidance & Support

Quick access to online guidance and technical support. Chat with a real nurse in real time.


Flash Cards

Flash cards that are designed with you in mind. A simple, user-friendly interface allows you to blaze through and make the most of our content.

2,000+ Cards

Generate your own study sets or go along with our lessons for quick review.

Pop Quizzes

As you flip through our cards you'll encounter pop quizzes designed to help make sure you're mastering the content.

Print Mode

If you'd like to print our flash cards, we make it easy with our print mode.